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Synchronized Group Improvisation 

Dance and Drum Troupe 

taught by

Certified BSDC Instructor: Susan Derr Drake

and Drum Instructor: Paul Drake


Tribal Gallop, Folkloric, follow the leader, group, improv, Drum and Bellydance Classes begin this Thursday, Dec 7, 6:00-7:00pm $15.


Great exercise, strengthening, suppling, easy to follow, moves from the Silk Trail. 5 dancers are coming and there is room for more in Friday Harbor, WA!! Call me 805-452-0414 for info and directions. No experience necessary, just bring your joy and giggles!


Tribal Gallop, welcomes men, women and children of all ages, all sizes, shapes and abilities, raw beginners to advanced in our classes/Tribe. You may be inspired to drum and/or dance and join us just in class, on stage at Festivals, in Parades, at community gatherings, or simply as a supporter.   The audience remains an important part of the experience, but it is the connections between the dancers and drummers and the joy that is felt that is the essence of each practice.  Lalalalalala.....



BlackSheep Dance Company(BSDC) format is a beautiful new family friendly American Art form with ancient traditional Tribal influences from the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Spain, India, North Africa and the trail of Gypsies. The mixed folkloric colorful costumes accented with rich tribal jewelry, music, dance, and tribal community makes it a fulfilling new activity. It was created by Kajira Djoumahna in the 90's and is now offered by a new SGI Dance and Drum Troupe, Tribal Gallop,in Santa Ynez with BSDC Certified Instructor Susan Derr Drake and drummer, Paul Drake.

This Synchronized Group Improv (SGI) dance style has 2-20 or more dancers. The interchangeable leader uses a shared non-verbal language of cues like the nod of a head, position of an arm, angle of body or other subtle gestures to instantly tell the followers what to do. This creates a moment-to-moment, non-choreographed, improvised dance that moves like a flock of birds or a school of fish in matching each other’s movements. BSDC format leads from both sides and uses both sides of the body to increase suppleness, strength, coordination, and balance while feeling an energetic, non-touching, connection to the other dancers. After the first class of learning only 2 moves your can dance!  There are 80+ easily learned fast/rhythmic and slow/arhythmic steps through Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Dancers can dance with anyone around the world knowing this SGI format.

Dancers may use Zills (finger cymbals), swords, veils, baskets or other props taking the audience to a deeper feeling of the music through their interpretations. 

What to wear in class: Comfortable!  Yoga pants, breeches, skirts, T-Shirts, Cholis, hip scarves, barefoot, socks, dance shoes. prepare to have fun and support each other.






Susan is a fully Certified teacher of the BlackSheep Dance Company Format, and is a member of BlackSheep Dance Company Troupe and is a BSDC Satellite School. Lalalalalalala.....








We are available for Party Performances. We love themed parties!














Tribal Gallop Classes-Fun, fun, fun!




To see Tribal Gallop Performances on YouTube Go to:

Tribal Gallop celebrates Beltane May 1, 2022Tribal Gallop dances with Alpacas Sept 2021

Tribal Gallop goes to the County Fair 2021 'Cowgirl Up'

Tribal Gallop - Susan Derr Drake's BlackSheep BellyDance and Drum Troupe

Tribal Gallop Casting a Spell 2020 Happy and Well Sept 29

Tribal Gallop's Calling All Angels Fall Sept 29 2020

Tribal Gallop for San Juan County Virtual Fair Aug. 2020 with Wings

Tribal Gallop at San Juan County Fair Aug 17, 2019

Tribal Gallop at Port of Friday Harbor, WA June 14, 2019

Tribal Gallop at Del Mar Fair 2017

Tribal Gallop at Cairo Shimmy Quake 2017

Tribal Gallop at Cairo ShimmyQuake 2016

Tribal Gallop at Recycle Arts & Fashion Show 2016

Tribal Gallop at Tribal Trove 2016

Tribal Gallop at Bedouin Bazaar 2015

Tribal Gallop @ Tribal Fest 15  

Tribal Fest 2015 The Star Goddess

Tribal Gallop at Ojai Belly Dance Festival 2015

Tribal Gallop at SoHo December 2014

Tribal Gallop @ the BadAss Dance Festival - Santa Maria 15-16, 2014

Tribal Gallop at Faeriefest October 4, 2014

Tribal Gallop at Solvang's Chakra Dance August 2014

Tribal Gallop at Celeste Houston's Ho Down May 24, 2014

Tribal Gallop at Ojai Dance Festival March 2014                                                                                                              

Tribal Gallop Mardi Gras Duet 2014 

Tribal Gallop at Mardi Gras in Solvang 2014

Tribal Gallop @ Wine Valley Bellydance Extravaganza - 1 Mar 2014 

Tribal Gallop @ BadAss Dance Festival v2.0--16-17 Nov 2013

Tribal Gallop at Solvang's Debut Performance 2013 




Drum Class with teacher: Paul Drake                                                                                                                                                                         The Drum Class welcomes Zills, Tamborines, Doumbek, Tablah, Middle Eastern Drums and any world instruments.  We will start with the very basic understanding of how to hold the intruments, how to use your hands and the practice of 3 basic notes called Dum, Tek and Ka that sound like "giddy up, giddy up, giddy up".   We will start with basic rhythms: Gallop, Kalegi, Beledy, Ayoub, Chiftatelli, Masmoudi and others.  The goal is to accompany the dancers and develop the drum troupes own repetoire of layers of more complex rhythms.  We will provide Zills and drums until you invest in your own.   

There will be a variety of days, times and locations for practices contact us for schedule


Tribal Gallop's Performances:

September 6, 2013    Faeriefest Fundraiser at Solvang's SevTap Winery 7:00pm

October 12, 2013       Solvang's Faeriefest  11:00am

October 27, 2013       Los Osos Octoberfest 3:00-3:30pm   

October 31, 2013       Santa Ynez Halloween Street Pary 

November 16, 2013    BadAss Festival in Santa Maria  

November 21, 2013    WildCats Lounge in Santa Barbara 7:00pm

March 1, 2014            Wine Valley Bellydance Extravaganza at Randy's Taproom Solvang 

April 26, 2014            Ojai Bellydance Festival

May 18, 2014             Tribalfest 14 in Sebstapol

May 24, 2014             Celeste Houston's Festival of the Horse

June 7, 2014              Private Birthday Party- Cowboy Theme                              

June 14, 2014            Santa Ynez Day Parade 11:00am               

July 4, 2014               Solvang's Fourth of July Parade  11:00       

July 19, 2014             Los Alamos Art Walk  5:00, 6:00 & 7:00pm

August 23, 2014         Solvang BellyDance Show 8:30pm at Randy's Tap Room

Sept. 19-21, 2014      Danish Days in Solvang                             

Oct 4, 2014                Solvang's Faeriefest                                                               

Nov. 15-16, 2014        BadAss Belly Dance Festival in Santa Maria 

Dec. 10, 2014             SoHo in Santa Barbara Belly Dance Show 7-10pm

March 22, 2015           Ojai Belly Dance Festival 

May 17, 2015             Tribalfest15 in Sebastapol, CA   Spirit of the Horse

July 25, 2015             Cee Cee Huston's Summer Extravaganza

Oct. 18, 2015             Bedouin Bazaar San Diego, CA 2:45pm

Oct. 21, 2015             Temecula DanceXChange DEMO 8:00pm

Oct. 24, 2015             Scaretacula at India Clay's Oven in San Bernadino

Nov. 8, 2015               Rennasance Faire Escondido, CA

Dec. 13, 2015             Drake's Annual Holiday Party

Feb. 14, 2016             Tonino's Italian Restaurant in Murrieta

March 20, 2016           Tribal Trove at Sand Diego's North Park

May 7, 2016                Healther Pilpali Gallery Anniversary

May 13, 2016              Recycled Arts & Fashion Show Temecula

June 5, 2016               Devilin's Curse Book Reading

June 6, 2016               Cairo ShimmyQuake in Glendale

June 10, 2016             Del Mar County Fair

Oct 31, 2016               Halloween Party Performance in Temecula

March 19, 2017           Tribal in the Park Balbao

May 8, 2017                La Cresta Ladies Luncheon

June 3, 2017               Cairo ShimmyQuake in Glendale

June 9, 2017               Fazelli Wine and BellyDance Showcase in Temecula

June 17, 2017             Del Mar Fair

Oct. 31, 2017              La Cresta Trunk n Treat Halloween

Nov. 12, 2017             Fazelli Sheharazade in Temecula, CA

Dec 2017                    Baby Mama Celebration

Jan 8, 2018                 TG Holiday Party

May 7, 2018                Orange County Showcase

May 9, 2018                La Cresta Ladies Luncheon

June 2, 2018               Cairo ShimmyQuake in Glendora, CA

June 24, 2018             Tribal in the Park Balboa, CA

April 26, 2019             Ferah Uri Hafla San Juan Island, WA

June 14, 2019             Port of Friday Harbor, WA

August 15, 2019          San Juan County Fair, WA

Dec 14, 2019               Ladies Night at Browne's, Friday Harbor, WA

Feb. 16, 2020              Emerald Extravaganza, Arlington, WA

Aug 17, 2020              San Juan County Virtual Fair with Wings 2020, Friday Harbor, WA

Sept. 29, 2020            Virtual Video: Calling all Angels

Oct. 31, 2021              Virtual Video: Casting a Spell 2020 Happy and Well

Aug. 17, 2021              San Juan County Fair Cowgirl Up!  Friday Harbor

Sept. 25, 2021             Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm and Pear Point Winnery

Sept. 25, 2022             Saltaire Vineyard Farm Tour

Sept. 30, 2022             Browne's Ladies Night


For performances at your party or event please contact us.



What is in the name Tribal Gallop?


Tribal because it is an Art form that includes all to form a tribe; people with a common interest that support each other. That interest is to learn and have fun with music, drumming and bellydance. Other tribal members may be supportors like photgraphers, costume designers, and organizers.


Gallop because the first simple rhythm that dancers with finger cymbals and drummers with Doubeks learn is called the gallop. It is 3 beats that sound like 'giddy up, giddy up, giddy up' played with 'Tek, Ka, Dum" notes.   And we love horses. :)


What is in the logo ?


Circle to represent the drum and safe, sacred circle of our tribe.

Notes to represent the love of music for the drummers and dancers to play.

Chakra Colors to remind us to live in balance and fullfillment from foot to head and beyond.

Flowers to represent the four directions.

Indigo, white, navy to represent life colors of Susan's journey.

Tan circle to represent the Drum Skin and Neutrality within the tribe that all are equal.

Two Silhouetted Dancers to represent the clarity of form to lead and follow from both directions.

The Sword to represnt that we are on the leading edge of life with a smile.

The Horse to represent the personal power we hold within and to remind us to be sensitive yet strong as we 'gallop' forward in passion.

The Heart, while always protected, finds the space to open and share love.




Other wonderful Dance and Drum teachers since 2009 of Susan Derr Drake:


Kajira Djoumahna

Colleena Shakti

Zoe Jakes

Sherri Wheatley

Dana Johnson of Blue Moon haven

Jen McDonald of Twisted Gypsys

Alexander King

Steven Eggers

Jamila Salimpour

Seba of Wild Card



Sabrina Fox

Carolena Nerriccio

Heather Shoopman

Lisa Allred



Kamille Hitz

Kami Little

Dusty Paik

Arikah Peacock

Roxi Rockstar

Suhaila Salimpour

Anahid Sofian

Leslie Thompson

Therese Wyatt



Maya Christina

Atash Maya



Charles Thomas of Twisted Gypsy

Issam Houshan

Jeremiah Soto of Solace

Keith Crowhawk of MEPE

Susu Pampanin



YouTube: Fat Chance Belly Dance: Who We are (History of Tribal Style Belly Dance)  


BlackSheep BellyDance Vidoes: 


Tribal Fest 15: WildCard BellyDance + BlackSheep BellyDance

BlackSheep BellyDance  Workshop Students @ Tribal Fest 15

BlackSheep BellyDance

Kajira - Level 1

Kajira Level 2 Volume 1

Daughters of the Dance

BSBD Part 1 Zoom Tribal Fest 10

or Google www.BlackSheepBellyDance.com


Susan dancing with her former Troupe, Blue Moon Haven:


Blue Moon Haven @ Ojai Bellydance Festival 2013 

Blue Moon Haven @ BadAss Dance Festival 2012 

Blue Moon Haven Tribal Fest 12 

Blue Moon Haven a FCBD® Sister Studio performs at Froggy's 2012

Blue Moon Have @ into It Tribal Nights - Feb 2012

Blue Moon Haven SLO Farmer's Market Dec. 2012

Blue Moon Haven @ Ojai Bellydance Festival - 10 Mar 2012   

Blue Moon Haven @ Tribal Fusion Faire 2011     

"I am so very grateful for the  years I learned from and danced with Blue Moon Haven.

A sincere thank you to Dana Johnson for teaching me the essence of the leading in the

Fat Chance Belly Dance format with great attention to technique." ...Susan

HiIlarious!  You Tube: Luciterra & Chris Murdoch ATS Sports Commentary

Men Belly Dance Troupes 


The Uri Tribe@Tribal Fest 13

Cues & Tattoos 2013-Sonsof Trimurti/Serpent Muse Showcase 3/30/13

Cues & Tattoos 2013-Intern ATS/Serpent Muse Show Case 3/30/13

Drum Troupes  

You Tube: Rhythms in revolution                                                                                                                                                                             Keeth Crowhawk Drum Solo@Tribal Fusion Faire (0ne of Paul's teachers)                                                                                                MEPE Selections                                                                                                                                                                                                          GDS13 Advanced (Paul in class -far right)                                                                                                                                                               Full Circle  Legends live right here on stage of Tribal Fest 2013                                                                                                                   FCBD and Helm                                                                                                                                                                                                      Twisted Gypsy Drummers     


Please join us & register for classes today.  

 Susan and Paul    derrdrake@aol.com   805-452-0414 











From Maggie Chambers: "It's so much fun learning with you, you make it very comfortable."
From Gina Von Derr Burg:

"To whom it may concern:     13 September 2013

I have been taking Black Sheep Belly Dancing with Susan Derr Drake for 10 weeks now, it is the most fun I think I’ve ever experienced in dance!

Susan brings a unique balance of positive energy, enthusiasm, and a basic learning strategy to assist her students in feeling that they can accomplish this unique dance style.   

As a leader her demeanor is always attentive, posturing a sincere interest in helping her students learn the movements and praise them for their earnest attempts and accomplishments.  Her ability to verbalize an immediate evaluation always indicates that she cares, and is in touch with the challenges we may face as a beginning dancer.  One of the most attractive leadership skills Susan exhibits is her open mindedness in evaluating our presentation, she is always supportive, and inquisitive as to how we may have reached the conclusion we did to turn in the wrong direction, however always supportive with unique ideas to help us learn.  With humor and joy she inspires us! 

As I mentally tip-toed into the idea of performing with all my insecurities, Susan assured each that what we had learned was enough to put it all together and perform.  Her ability to set goals and objectives for the troupe helps all of us to see beyond the moment.  She is eternally considerate of each individual dancers challenges however, continues in a positive vein to support each dancers goals and aspirations. 

Susan’s style and joyfulness she exhibits in her dance is beyond inspirational on so many levels, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of her troupe and excited about the journey we’ll take together.  A remarkable teacher, and human, Susan is a gift of joy and enlightenment! 

Gina G. von der Burg

5134 A Calle Real, SB, CA  93111






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