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Address: 121 Whale Tale Trail, Friday Harbor, WA 98250






JE 1 Tribal Waziri Wedding Kuchi Chain Necklace $100   



JE 2 Vintage Kuchi Multi Colored Necklace $100



JE 3 Turkomen Kuchi 3 Pendant Necklace $100




JE 4 Kuchi Long Necklace $100 SOLD



JE 5 Turkomen Pendant Necklace $100



JE 6 Tribal Colorful Necklace $100



JE 7 Vintage Red Kuchi Necklace $50



JE 8 Vintage Green, Navy, Magenta Kuchi Necklace $50



JE 9 Red, Green, Navy & Black Cloth Necklace $50


JE 10 Blue, Yellow Red Cloth Necklace $50


JE 11 Blue, Green, Purple Cloth Necklace $50 *SOLD



JE 12 Yellow and Red Cloth Necklace $50



JE 13 Blue and Red Cloth Necklace $50



JE 14 Orange Cuffs Pair $60



JE 15 Plain Cuffs Pair $60



JE 16 Kuchi Upper Arm Bracelets Pair $50



JE 17 Kuchi Coin Upper Arm Bracelets Pair $50



JE 18 Horse Cuffs Pair $75



JE 19 Kuchi Bone Pegasus Pendant $75



JE 20 Teal Necklace $50



JE 21 Moon Blue Sea Green Necklace $50



JE 22 Purple Gemstone Necklace $50



JE 23 Purple Gemstone Necklace $50



JE 24 Blue Gemstone Necklace $50



JE 25 Black and Pewter Lower or Upper Arm elastic Bracelets pair $40 



JE 26 Black and Pewter 3 wraps Bracelets Pair $40



JE 27 Red/Orange Rhinestone Bracelets set of 14  $100



JE 28 Blue/Clear Rhinestone Bracelets set of 14  $100


JE 29 Tribal Pewter Cuff $30



JE 30 Multi Color Bracelets set of 3  $30



JE 31 Lavender Gemstone Necklace $50 



JE 32 Labradorite Gemstone Necklace $50




JE 33 Wire wrapped Pink Gemstone Necklace $50



JE 34 Teal Gemstone Necklace $50



JE 35 Hematite Gemstone Necklace $50


JE 36 Blue Gemstone Necklace $50



JE 37 Mammoth Bone Goddess & Horse Gemstone Necklace $100 



JE 38 Wire wrapped Bone Gemstone Necklace $50



JE 39 Pink and Blue Gemstone Horse Necklace $100



JE 40  Silver, Purple and Pearl Galloping Horse Gemstone Necklace $100



JE 41 Turquiose Horse Gemstone Necklace $50



JE 42 Purple and Blue Bead Necklace $50



JE 43 Stunning Tribal Earrings $100



JE 44 Angle Wing Earrings $25



JE 45 Dream Catcher Earrings $10



JE 46 Year of the Horse Silver Coin Necklace $100



JE 47 Buffalo Nikel Cufflinks $25



JE 48 Purple Gemstone Pendant $40


JE 49 Rings Sizes and Prices coming soon!

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