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Antique Turkish Copper Milk Can. Purchased in 1969 in Turkey.  36" High   $750


Antique Brass Mongol.  Purchased in 1969 in Turkey. 18" x 18"     $399


Antique Brass Russian Samovar purchased in Turkey 1969.  28" high  with Signatures!   $445



Antique Copper Samovar purchased in Turkey in 1969. 13" High  $245



Collectors item: Ringo doll-purchased in 1964 Remco  $50



1984 Olympic Pins

$100, $100, $100, $35, $25, $25


Eagle Sam $25













 Hummel Umbrella Boy 8" High  $1000

Hummel Umbrella Girl 8" High $1000

 2" x 5" Wedgewood Jar $35.00




Horse Stuff



Dressage Show Coat

Men’s Short Pikuer 38 R  $250







Book:Reflections, Equus and Us


New- 200 Books-A touching book of 40 Photos, Poems and Stories about man’s relationship with horses. hardbound

Written by:                Susan Derr Drake $45.00







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