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Huge Closet-Like Sale !!!!


For Sale pages 1-10 are not a store,

but are barely used, deeply loved things!

All Sales are Final and we will add postage to be determined



For Sale 1: BellyDance - 25 Yard Skirts and Pantaloons.                                                                              

For Sale 2: BellyDance - Cholis and Vests.                                                                                      

For Sale 3: BellyDance - Hip Scarves and Kuchi Belts.                                                                              

For Sale 4: BellyDance - Kuchi Jewelry.                                                                                          

For Sale 5: BellyDance  - Head Wear, Flowers, Headbands.                                                                                                    

For Sale 6: BellyDance - Miscellaneous, Zills, Drums, Baskets, Veils, Masks, Purses & DVDs..

For Sale 7: Other Personal Things - Pottery, Olympic Pins. Humels, Ink, Coins etc.                                      

For Sale 8: Horse - Books, Skull, Jewelry, Statues, Coins, Saddle, etc.. 

For Sale 9: Healing - Books and things.

For Sale 10: Art - Books and Supplies. 



For Sale pages 11-12 Online Sales

of New Awesome Items!! 

For Sale 11: Dynamite Products-Online sales: Organic Supplements for People, Dogs, Cats & Horses

For Sale 12: Young Living Oils-Online Sales-A variety of Young Living Essential Oils & Supplements 



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