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1. Dynamite Products

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Or email me at derrdrake@aol.com with questions, comments or orders.                                                                                               

Consider a Dynamite Foundation Program for 2019

People Products: Elixir, DM Plus, Trimins, PMS and Free & Easy

Horse Products: Free Choice Minerals, Dyna Pro, Regular, Plus or TNT Vitamins, PGR, Ox E Mega, Super Stress, Dyna Spark

Dog Products: Show Down Vitamins, Dyna Pro and Premium Dog Food

Cat Products: Catazyme and Premium Cat Food

Cars Product: ZF 100 for your Oil

Garden and Plants: Vigor     


2. Belly Dance and Drum Classes $10 each


CALL or TEXT Susan at 805-452-0414 to reserve your spot and get directions to the studio

Saturdays       Starting January 4, 2020 !!!  

Level 2/Performance Troupe   4:00-5:00pm         

Beginners/Level 1                     5:00-6:00pm                                                           


Wednesdays    Starting January 8 !!! 

Level 2/Performance Troupe   6:00-7:00pm         

Beginners/Level 1                     7:00-8:00pm



with 3 or more 


Tribal Gallop's BlackSheep BellyDance and Drum Classes. Please come and join the fun !

Call, text or email me for time and location of group and private classes in Friday Harbor.

Derrdrake@aol.com or 805-452-0414.

Click on Tribal Gallop button on left for more details.  Available for workshops in your area. Great for riders! For more info 



3. Dressage Riding Lessons

                                          and Beyond in Well-Beingness...


I am available on San Juan Island, WA or will fly to other areas seasonally: San Juan Island, Washington mainland, Temecula/Murrieta/Lake Elsinore/Los Angeles or anywhere for clinics thru US.   Contact me by email (Derrdrake@aol.com) or by phone (805-452-0414).  Click on Susan Derr Drake button on left for more info .



From Barrett Weller owner of Major Motion Farms ...

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Susan when we purchased a thoroughbred named Sam. Sam had a number of maladies including a diaphragm spasm and unexplained right front lameness. Susan was able to clear the spasm as well as identify the problem in his right front leg and help him to increase mobility and make a full recovery. It has been about three months and Sam is happy, healthy and winning! Since then I have been able to watch Susan with all of my horses and recommend her to a great number of my friends, family and colleagues. She has an incredible gift, paired with years of study and unparalleled knowledge of the anatomy and psychology of horses. This rare combination allows her to help with any breed, level or discipline. She is an indispensable part of the care of our show horses and program. She is also a master instructor passing the love for horsemanship, nutrition, body work, and classical riding to anyone she teaches. We love our clinics with her and I could not recommend anyone more highly. 


From Forever grateful Dacia Imperato and Stepping Stone Sporthorses...
I have had the pleasure of working with Susan for about 2 years. The level of healing and growth I have witnessed in the horses and people she invests in is unmeasurable. It would be hard to name all the examples because no one is the same after her work. Some extreme physical cases are 20 year old retired horses coming back into their prime, Middle Aged horses growing 2 inches, horses eyes becoming larger, horses becoming less spooking and more ridable, movement improving, horses that were already great becoming even greater! I’ve seen horses emotionally freed from the bondage of slavery and past experiences and becoming partners with their riders and through their healing have found their perfect forever homes. As a rider Susan has affirmed the things the horses have shown me and has opened my mind to what is possible and helped me have the capability and capacity to be all in with horses again and share her teachings. Thank you Susan for helping the horses, my clients and me discover, heal, and grow.


From Tom Mayes, Integrated Equine Therapies...

Susan,  It is and has been my honor to be associated with someone of your caliber, and walk this great path together. Your background and approach stand sooo unique, and enveloping.  May you continue to fly in a perfect way.



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