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HO 1 Bronze Greek Horse Statue  $50




HO 2  Real Horse Skull $250



JE 18 Horse Cuffs Pair $75



JE 19 Kuchi Bone Pegasus Pendant $75



JE 37 Mammoth Bone Goddess & Horse Gemstone Necklace $100 





JE 39 Pink and Blue Gemstone Horse Necklace $100



JE 40  Silver, Purple and Pearl Galloping Horse Gemstone Necklace $100



JE 41 Turquiose Horse Gemstone Necklace $50



JE 42 Purple and Blue Bead Necklace $50



JE 46 Year of the Horse Silver Coin Necklace $100



JE 47 Buffalo Nikel Cufflinks $25



JE 58 Pegasus Ring size 8 $30



JE 59 Adjustable Horse Head Ring size 9   $30



JE 60 Galloping Horse Band size 8   $30



JE 61 Paired Horseshoes ring size 7   $30




JE 62 Silver Bit Ring size 7   $30







MISC 12 Turquiose Tribal Horse  16"  $25


OT 9 2014 Australia Lunar Year of the Horse 1 oz Colorized .999 Silver Coin $125   


OT 10 2014 Australia Lunar Year of the Horse 1 oz .999 Silver Coin $115 


MISC Rhinestone Unicorn Pin 2" x 3"  $20





BO 1 Book: Reflections Equus and Us   $45  plus $5 Shipping   

Written and photographed by Susan Derr Drake with insights and lessons to each photo.

All New- Only 200 Hardbound Books left! - A touching book of 40 Photos, Poems 

and Stories about man’s relationship with horses.  Get a signed copy before they are out of print!    





BO 2 Used Leroy Neiman Horses  Amazon $526.29  From Me: $200

Over 400 illustrations, photographs, memorabilia, and pages from sketchbooks show LeRoy Neiman's high regard for the spirited personality of the horse.




BO 3 Used The Horse, A celebration of Horses in Art     $75

by Rachel and Simon Barnes

A lavish appreciation of horses and their relationship with humans, told through more than 100 giant reproductions of horses in Art.  The fascinating history of humanity's bond with the horse is spectacularly brought to life n this beautifully illustrated volume.With super images form the extraordinary Parthenon Frieze to the thoroughbred portraits of Stubbs; and form the enigmatic paintings of Edgar Degas to the contemporary creations od damien Hirst, the book will delight horse and art lovers alike.  Drawing on his extensive equestrian knowledge, Simon Barnes tells the story of horses and their unique relationships with humans.  Rachel Barnes, as Art historian, traces changes and development in Western Art revealed through paintings and sculptures of the horse and explores the animal's role as the subject of anatomical scrutiny, and as the embodiment of strength and beauty.  191 pages




BO 4 Used Stallions of the Quest by Robert Vavra  $50

This is a photographic essay of the return of the horse to the Americas, after an absence of 8,000 to 10,000 years, on the second voyage of Christopher Columbus, in 1493. With 164 pages of photographs and 60 pages of text, Vavra weaves the romantic story of the horses' ocean journey from Spain to the New World. This hand-stitched book, with a gold-embossed cover, contains some of Vavra's best equine photographs and includes poetry, fine equine drawings and a fascinating story. A posthumous printing of an interview between James Michener and Vavra rounds out this unusual book. 224 pages




BO 5 Used  Horses  by Rien Poortvliet  Now $50.00

Horse lovers everywhere will rejoice at the more than 350 full-color illustrations of galloping, prancing, gallant horses of all breeds and sizes, from Appaloosa stallions to Shetland ponies. Among the subjects discussed in this book are famous horses in history, horse behavior, show horses, work horses, and more. Poortvliet's illustrations and his candid commentary make this a truly enjoyable book. 246 pages




BO 6 Used Book American Indian Horse Masks.  $50

This is a stunning colorful book in large format (12 x 15 in.) which includes 45 historic Indian horse masks from museums and private collections. Most date from the 19th century. Scores of other masks are illustrated by 18th and 19th century indian paintings and drawings on rock, leather, cloth and paper, and by historic photographs. The symbolism and history of masks is thoroughly discussed and annotated. There is an extensive bibliography and index.

Painting the face or body of a man or a horse is also a kind of masking. Therefore, a chapter on Cheyenne horse painting and its meaning and usage is also part of this volume., written by Winfield Coleman.





BO 7 Used Book Konig Pferd by Monique Dossenback  $50

German Edition This is the most definitive book that has ever been published about the horse. It deals with the evolution of the horse, its body muscles, organs, and skeleton, hair colors and its distinguishing marks. All of the horse's notable features are fully illustrated. Horses' gaits and behavior patterns as well as the full cycle of mating, pregnancy, and birth are all discussed in fascinating detail.




BO 8 Used Book The Horse in Art by John Baskets $50

The horse is an icon of civilization. Man has long depended on the horse in farming, transportation, war, religion, and exploration, and as a consequence we have a wonderfully rich legacy of horses depicted in art. This spectacular book presents the horse in its many roles since its discovery and domestication until the present day. Distinguished author John Baskett begins with the horse in ancient civilizations, including masterpieces from Asia, and then discusses the horse in the Middle Ages, in which the animal was bred for warfare and agriculture and is represented in such scenes as the Bayeaux Tapestry. Renaissance artists, whose interest in horses was as great as that for the human form, are then discussed, evidence of which is shown in the skillful drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. The 17th century brought beautiful examples of naturalism from such masters as Peter Paul Rubens, while George Stubbs became the premier horse painter in 18th-century England. Works by Americans George Catlin and Frederic Remington are also explored, along with exquisite miniatures of natural scenes produced by Persian and Mughal painters from varying periods. A new edition of a long out-of-print gem, The Horse in Art brings artistic representation of the horse to life, with additional illustrations, a new chapter on the 20th century, and the inclusion of biographies of the artists featured in the book. With beautiful color reproductions and an accessible text, this book is a unique and indispensable guide to the changing cultural perspectives, artistic styles, and symbolic interpretations associated with its timeless and much-loved subject.

About the Author:

John Baskett was the first curator of the Paul Mellon art collection and assisted Mr. Mellon in writing his autobiography, Reflections in a Silver Spoon. The author’s first edition of The Horse in Art was published in 1980.





BO 9 Used Book Horse Bible $ 25

The most comprehensive single volume dedicated to horses, The Original Horse Bible is a celebration of the long relationship that humans and horses enjoy, written by two highly regarded horsewomen, the late Moira C. Allen and Sharon Biggs. This 480-page volume, elaborately illustrated by world-renowned horse photographer Bob Langrish, is divided into eleven sections, covering topics that span the world of horses, from evolution and domestication to horse riding, training, competitions and more.

Section 1: “History, Physiology, and Behavior” discusses the natural history of the horse, including adaption, migration, and domestication, how horses became integral to human kind, the role of horses in society (war horses, law-enforcement horses, race horses), as well as animal welfare and the plight of wild and feral horses. The anatomy and physiology of the horse are detailed in discussions of the horse’s bodily systems, structure, senses, gait/movement, and coat and color patterns. In terms of behavior, the authors discuss the life cycle of the horse and reproduction, intelligence and trainability, and horse mentality and natural instincts.

In Section 2: “Breeds and Types,” the authors trace the evolution of modern horse types from three known ancient ancestors and archaic types and extinct breeds. They describe the modern types of horses based on their particular looks and specific uses (Baroque, Cob, Hack, Hunter, Polo Pony and so forth). A detailed discussion of horse color follows, explaining the differences between each and what specific characteristics define each (buckskin, palomino, and pinto).

The extensive breed chapter offers portraits of approximately 175 breeds, alphabetically arranged, from the Abaco Barb to the Welsh Pony, including many rare and handsome breeds from around the world as well as favorites like the American Quarter Horse, the Shetland Pony and the Thoroughbred. Main entries provide alternative names, region of origins, brief history, and physical descriptions for each breed. Sidebars called “Breed in Brief” offer concise overviews of the lesser known breeds.

The popular hobby of horse riding is the focus of Section 3: “Activities with Horses,” which describes English, western, and driving competition as well as rodeo, competitive trail riding, vaulting, polo, and other horse sports. Section 7: “Rider Instruction” continues the discussion on riding with chapters on riding instructions, safety and fitness as well as English and western riding skills.

In Section 4: “A New Horse” and Section 5 “Horsekeeping,” the Bible becomes a primer for all horse owners offering detailed information about choosing the right horse for novice riders, families, and experienced riders and purchasing the horse and the proper equipment (saddles and bridles, boots, gear, and gadgets). The section concludes with chapters on transporting horses, stabling and boarding, and feeding and grooming. Section 6: “Health” discusses veterinary care and vaccines, recognizing the signs of a healthy animal, first aid for each area of the horse’s anatomy, hoof care, and winter wear. A complete chapter is dedicated to battling parasites and pests and avoiding poisonous plants in the horse’s environment. A chapter on alternative care completes the section.

Section 8:”Horse Training” focuses on various training philosophies and early handling, training lessons, solving training problems (leading, bolting, biting/nipping, rearing/buckling and shying).

Section 9: “Competition” is dedicated to horse shows and classes, preparation for various kinds of shows for both the horse and the rider, and what to expect at the show. These chapters are filled with priceless firsthand advice and pointers from the authors about how to succeed at each of these events.

Section 10: “Breeding Mares and Raising Foals” offers a complete overview of the reproduction of horses, with details on choosing a stallion, live cover versus artificial insemination, pregnancy, delivery, and care, imprinting, and handling of the young. Section 11: “The Senior Horse” discusses the horse’s golden years, signs of aging, nutrition and care, retirement from activities, and general care for aging animals. Horse owners will find symptoms and treatment for sixteen of the most common equine aliments (found in the appendix) to be of great utility, as are the resource section and complete index at the end of the volume.



BO 10 Used Book Painted Ponies  $30

Painted Ponies is teh classic book of antique carousel art. This extraordinary coffee table style book presents the finest carving examples by the most renowned carousel artists. The rarest horses and most unique menagerie animals were selected from America's premier private collections and antique operating carousels. Painted Ponies contains useful guides, charts, and directories for collectors, carvers, artists, and enthusiasts. This book contains over 650 color photographs, 256 pages, 9"x11.5", deluxe hardcover edition.




BO 13 Used Book  Charlotte DuJardin, the girl on the dancing horse $25

Hardcover: Charlotte Dujardin and her charismatic horse Valegro burst onto the international sports scene with their record–breaking performance at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The world was captivated by the young woman with the dazzling smile and her dancing horse. The YouTube clip of their Freestyle performance has since had over 1.7 million views, and Dujardin is considered the dominant dressage rider of her era. When Valegro (affectionately called “Blueberry”) retired from competition at the end of 2016, his farewell performance at the Olympia Grand Hall sold out and the dark bay gelding received a standing ovation.

Dujardin began riding horses at the age of two, but dressage was the domain of the rich–not the life a girl from a middleclass family was born into. Her parents sacrificed to give her as many opportunities as they could, and she left school at 16 to focus on equestrian competition. It was at 22, when she was invited to be a groom for British Olympian Carl Hester, that she met the equine partner that would change her fortune.

This is the story of an outsider, an unconventional horse, and the incredible bond that took them to the top. 




BO 14 Used Book A Gallery of the Great Thoroughbreds $40  

"Classic races--coveted, anticipated, yet ruthlessly challenged--are supreme test for three-year-old horses in the United States, England, Ireland and France. Richard Stone Reeves and Patrick Robinson take you into the privileged center of the thoroughbred racing, into the winner's circle with the victorious, and into the very wounded hearts of the defeated. Classic Lines represents the lifework of reeve, the undisputed master of all living artists of the thoroughbred horse. His coveted works, commissioned on both sides of the Atlantic, hang in private collections, all previously seen only by the inner circle of the horse racing kingdom. Over 100 paintings, drawings, and sketches, all remarkable for Reeves' attention to detail, are included in this book. There are 60 paintings of Classic winners, including especially commissioned originals of the five great foundation stallions from whom almost every champion racehorse in the world today is descended: Man o' War, Hyperion, Nearco, Native Dancer, and Ribot. Their bloodlines are the basis of this book. Reeves has created original drawings and sketches of the historic tracks where the Classic winners are determined. He has also sketched jockeys, grooms, trainers, exercise boys, and certain vignettes of pageantry and history that give racing such life and appeal. Patrick Robinson narrates the powerful story of the most graceful, swiftest animals in man's world, revealing the strengths and peculiarities, the loves and hates--the almost human traits that define these champion racehorses. Robinson, in researching Classic Lines, interviewed the privileged few--many of them old friends--who breed buy, sell, train, and ride the champions. His story has captured the excitement, the tension, the rivalry, and the discreet opulence of the Sport of Kings...."




BO 15 Used 2 Books Cavalia's OdysseO   $ 40set

This book is about the only show of its kind, ODYSSEO, which celebrates the beauty and harmony of the meeting of two worlds: equine and human.

Author : Raôul Duguay   




BO 16 Used Book Farewell to the Horse   $35

Horses and humans share an ancient, profoundly complex relationship. Once our most indispensable companions, horses were for millennia essential in helping build our cities, farms, and industries. But during the twentieth century, in an increasingly mechanized society, they began to disappear from human history. In this esoteric and rich tribute, award-winning historian Ulrich Raulff chronicles the dramatic story of this most spectacular creature, thoroughly examining how they’ve been muses and brothers in arms, neglected and sacrificed in war yet memorialized in paintings, sculpture, and novels―and ultimately marginalized on racetracks and in pony clubs. Elegiac and absorbing, Farewell to the Horsepaints a stunning panorama of a world shaped by hooves, and the imprint left on humankind.

“A beautiful and thoughtful exploration. . . . Farewell to the Horse is a grown-up, but also lyrical and creative, history book, and I very much enjoyed it.”― James Rebanks, author of the New York Timesbestseller The Shepherd’s Life.





BO 17 Used Book Horses by Yann Arthus-Bertrand  $40

This sumptuous tribute to the earth's most beautiful animal has been redesigned in a new mini format that is 100 pages longer than the original. Renowned photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand—master of light and shadow, angle and exposure—etches these magnificent creatures and their human partners in photographs shot on location and around the globe, from Montana to Russia, central Asia to Argentina, Mongolia and Cameroon, and points in between. Each moment captured offers a glimpse of the breath of humanity, and man's powerful and moving relationship with the horse. Full of tribal costume, local color, and panoramic scenery—accompanied by the text of equine expert Jean-Louis Gouraud—Horses is a project of unparalleled ambition and scope. 



BO 18 Used Book The Horse   $50

Looks at the horse in ancient times, riding accoutrements, horse breeds, and the horse at work, in war, in art, and in such sports as foxhunting, steeplechasing, racing, showjumping, eventing, and dressage.  




BO 19 Used Book The Anatomy of the Horse George Stubbs $20

George Stubbs (1724–1806), an English artist famous for his portraits of thoroughbred race horses and for other animal paintings, was also the author of the illustrations and text of The Anatomy of the Horse, one of the truly remarkable anatomical studies of its subject. First published in 1766, Stubbs' work was based on numerous dissections, a practice far from generally accepted in his century. Stubbs' horses, shown in this edition on 36 large plates, are memorable for their uncanny life-like quality, nobility, and extreme anatomical precision. In this systematic study, Stubbs depicts the horse in three positions ― side, front, and back. He first presents the skeleton alone in each of these three positions, then devotes to each position five studies of layers of muscles, fascias, ligaments, nerves, arteries, veins, glands, and cartilages. Accompanying each of these eighteen etchings is a schematic etched outline with lettered parts that are keyed to the identifying text. The text is given both in Stubbs' original version and in a modernized version prepared in the Thirties by J. C. McCunn and C. W. Ottaway. 



BO 20 Used Book Pony Boy 2 books, 3 DVDs  $30/set



BO 21 Used Book Monty Roberts 2 books, 1 DVD  $30/set



BO 22 Used Book John Lyons 3 books  $60/set






Coming Soon... 500 Rare Used out of print horse books!! if there is a book you have been searching for just ask, I may have it! derrdrake@aol.com






German Edition   by  Monique Dossenbach  (Author)

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