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Introducing Susan Derr Drake, Horse Listener > The Belly Dancer

Tribal Fusion Faire Arroyo Grande Dec. 9, 2011



Performing at

Moon over Morocco 2009


Susan enjoys the complimentary Art of Belly Dancing to keep her supple and coordinated for her horses.

"To move with fluidity and grace in rhythm can only help the subtle lines of communication through our entire body to our horse",  she says. 

Giving a tribute to the Spirit of Horse, Susan created a beautiful and moving piece that she

performed at the Return to Freedom Wild Horse Benefit in October 2009.

Spirit of Horse Belly Dance

“Many, many years ago, Great Spirit gifted us with Horse.

He galloped through all countries on Earth.

His power and grace served us in hunting for food, in war,

and in sport by giving us legs to fly as we dance with him.

From Ancient Wisdoms to Modern Horsemanship

we listen to the whispers, while knowing we will be mirrored by each other.

Now, shedding the past, with his future, ever changing,

he will inspire a shift to a deeper connection,

a courage to go forward with a new purpose in the Quest for Survival.

Love, Joy and Relationship are taking the reins now.

Feel the magic from Father Sky, Mother Earth through

Your Heart and Soul, celebrating his presence and breathing life

into the Spirit of Horse inside us all.

It’s time now, to unveil and open the heart and soul in

an arena of love and appreciation.

Together as one, we can breathe life into all that is

and raise the energy to awaken that which serves us.

Let’s dance with joy, surrendering to the power of relationship while

honoring and protecting the Spirit of Horse forever.”


Solvang's Fairefest Oct. 16, 2011
Blue Moon Haven Dance Troupe
Sebastapol, CA 2012
Tribe Elation at Morro Bay CA in October 2013
Tribe Elation Class October 2013
Tribal Gallop, Susan's new BlackSheep BellyDance and Drum Troupe was born July 2013.
Susan is a Certified BlackSheep Instructor and has a Satellite School
Click on Tribal Gallop on Home Menu for details!
Susan has taken Dance Workshops or Lessons with wonderful dancers:
Maya Christina
Kajira Djoumahna
Steven Eggers
Sabrina Fox
Amy Harway
Kamille Hitz
Zoe Jakes
Dana Johnson
Alexandra King
Kami Little
Jen MCDonald of Twisted Gypsys
Carolena Nericcio
Dusty Paik
Arikah Peacock
Roxy Rockstar
Suhaila Salimpour
Colleena Shakti
Anahid Sofian
Heather Shoopman
Leslie Thompson
Sherrie Wheatley
Seba Blachard Wild Card
Therese Wyatt
and Drumming with:
Charles Thomas of Twisted Gypsy
Issam Houshan
Keith CrowHawk of MEPE
Jeremiah Soto
May 2013 Susan became a Certified Level One and Level Two Black Sheep Belly Dance (SGI)  Instructor

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