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Introducing Susan Derr Drake, Horse Listener > The Healer


It is all about the Energy




Ground Work


Color Therapy

Healing Touch

Card Readings

Crystal Therapy

Bach Flower Remedies

Power of Positive Thought

Essential Oil Rain Drop Therapy

Non-Verbal Animal Communication

Healing through Riding in Harmony 

Bio Energetic Syncrynization Technique

Nutritional-Vitamin-Mineral- Feed Awareness

Energy of Prayer-Non Denominational Minister

Compassion, Empathy and Sympathy for others

Certified from Integrated Equine Therapies with Tom Mayes in

Melding, Applied Kinesiology, Sacral Crainial, Osteopathy, Nerve and Blood work



Aura Photo of Susan Derr Drake
White: Connection to Spirit, All That Is, divine energy, channeling, purity.
Blue-White: Communication of spiritual ideals, angels and spirit guides.
Magenta: Very high-energy vibration and awareness, Universal love.
Blue: Communication, intuition, wisdom, truth, devotion, good listener.
Turquoise: Compassion, sensitivity, teacher, guide.
Green: Counselor/Teacher, Healing energy. 
Susan Derr Drake works with, studies and researches energy fields and their effects on
and around people and animals.  She uses many techniques for horses and riders and has a network
of Practitioners, Veterinarians, Doctors and Healers to support the energy fields. 
Her intention is to raise the frequency of vibration, to assist the body, mind and spirit
to a perfect balance and state of well-being.

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