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Cell Phone and Computer Beads


Electronic Smog Buster Beads

The Crystal Catalyst is made of an advanced ceramic that is fired in a special energy field that realigns molecules so that they absorb the energies that strike them and pulse them out in a beneficial form. Dielectric resonators are the strongest known collectors of electromagnetic energies. The human body is about 70% water containing salt.  It conducts electricity and is an electrical system.  The body’s function and responses are controlled by weak electromagnetic pulses from  the brain.  These regulate the body’s well-being and its ability to heal itself. The human central nervous system operates on only thousandths of a volt, yet controls all organs and bodily functions.  Nerve cells, or neurons, contain tiny bar magnets.  Blood is an electrolyte and removes toxins by polarity. Strong electromagnetic fields emitted by various appliances, especially cell phones, disrupt cell polarity and blood functions preventing the removal of wastes. Crystal Catalyst products alter the nature of most harmful energies before they strike the body, thus removing environmental stress and allowing the body to resume normal functions.  These products have been shown in tests to increase whole-brainwave activity.

The reason it works is purely mechanical.  It is like your TV, or your car, or your computer; there is nothing magical about it.  Because of its structure, Crystal Catalyst does not wear out.  It just keeps working.  We have products from over two decades ago which are still functioning efficiently. Their effectiveness can be measured chemically, photographically, and with brainwave and muscle testing. Commuters who wear a bead report increased alertness, and reduced jet lag.

"I have experimented with and used the Products of Biomagnetic Research since 1991.  They are truly amazing.  Each product has its specific uses and they all perform amazingly well in removing harmful aspects of electrical as well as magnetic and geopathic energies. One day science will understand how these devices function.  In the meantime I will continue to use them with excellent success.  Your discoveries are a true blessing to mankind. Keep up the outstanding work"

Cecil E. Nichols, Research Engineer NASA Langley Research Center

                 Phones                                        Computers                                               Personal and Pets

$19.95 plus  $2.55 tax = $21.50 plus $4.50 handling & shipping    =     Total  $26.00 per bead

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" When we muscle test people talking on phones they test 'weak' without the bead and 'strong' with the bead." 

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