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Dynamite’s Dyna Pro Probiotic

for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Exotics and More…

A must-have for any animal !

Dynamite’s Dyna-Pro is a biological feed additive designed to maximize digestive efficiency.  Physical and psychological stress caused by travel, competition, breeding or treatment with antibiotics and some of the anti-parasite products can dramatically disrupt an animal’s metabolism by destroying or depleting the beneficial intestinal bacteria.  These bacteria must produce all the enzymes necessary to convert feed into a form that the animal can use. While other probiotic formulas on the market merely add one or more strains of beneficial bacteria, Dynamite’s Dyna-Pro uses a fermentation extract, which nourishes the natural bacteria and encourages them to reproduce and multiply.

All animals are born with a gut of naturally occurring microbes.  Colonies of microbes multiply and thrive so by adulthood the gut plays host to a stable, self-regulating population of hundreds of different microbes.

Some of these microbes break apart cellulose into single units of glucose that can be absorbed by the animals as well as fellow microbes.  Others use the byproducts of cellulose breakdown to construct nutrients such as vitamins.  The beneficial microbes that occupy the gut are also an important barrier to pathogens.

Frequently, when animals are given antibiotics, are under stress, or have changes in their daily patterns, unwanted microbes can take over.  Today, horses are likely to be stabled indoors, get fed twice daily and eat high concentrated diets, which likely skews the balanced population of the helpers in their digestive tract.

Behavioral stress can also be highly disruptive.  Scientists have reported profound, rapid changes in the bacteria in a horse’s stomach caused by frequent stress of travel and competition and breeding.

Most young and stressed adult animals have an imbalance of gut microbes that need to be remedied to ensure the animal’s nutritional status.

“Research shows about 4.5 out of 100 horses have colic issues, and 90 percent of  horses today have some kind of gastric or colonic ulcer issuers,” said Dr. Howard Jensen DVM, MS.

Dynamite’s Dyna-Pro is a beneficial probiotic aimed to combat stress, aid digestion, fight pathogens and improve digestive efficiency.

“If the horse doesn’t have (biotics) to get rid of buildup, then you end up with colic, acidosis or laminitis issues.  What we have found with horses that have these situations is that they tend to have les of these digestive upsets when we increase the numbers of lactic utilizers in the hindgut.  This reduces the colic and ulcer issues, “ Dr. Jensen said.

Unlike most other probiotics on the market that contain only one or more strains of live bacteria colonies, Dynamite’s Dyna-Pro contains no live colonies.  Our philosophy is that unless the environment of the gut is first modified and optimized, these live bacteria do not survive; hence Dynamite’s Dyna-Pro is rather a ‘prebiotic’  that efficiently encourages the beneficial bacteria that have simmmply gone dormant to thrive and multiply, crowding out the harmful bacteria.

Dynamite’s Dyna-Pro is a proprietary formulation of a fermentation extract, made by a lengthy multi-step process in our own labs, and is unique in the market place.

Dynamite’s Dyna-Pro is designed to maximize digestive efficiency, and decades of successful use show that is assists with feed utilization and may prevent gut issues from occurring.

When emergency situations occur, Dynamite’s Dyna-Pro may also be given directly into the mouth to help ease digestive stress.

Many of Dynamite’s top Distributors declare Dynamite’s Dyna-Pro to be the “most important and essential product we have”


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Dynamite’s proprietary 5-Strain blend of lactobacillus culture, non-viable.
Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product Dehydrated, Water, Lactic Acid, Dried Kelp, Vitamin D Supplement, Folic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin A Supplement, Magnesium Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate and Iron Sulfate with Calcium Propionate, Sodium Benzoate and Phosphoric Acid as preservatives.
Dynamite’s Dyna Pro contains nearly every mineral on the periodic table. 

Dynamite’s Dyna Pro may be fed over the daily ration, in the drinking water, or squirted directly into the mouth with a syringe if the animal refuses food or water. Excellent in times of any emergency.

Dynamite’s Dyna Pro may be fed with any Dynamite product or other nutritional supplement.  In fact, it will make any supplement work better.
It is recommended dyna pro be fed any time you notice the slightest disruption of the digestive process. 
Horse Maintenance                            3-6 ml (1-2 squirts of pump) daily or as needed
Stressed or Rehabilitating Horses        6 ml (1/4 ounce) daily or as needed
Foals: Maintenance                            3 ml (1.8 ounce) daily or as needed
Dogs                                               14 drops (1.2cc) twice daily or as needed
Cats & other small animals                 7 drops (1/4 cc) twice daily or a needed
Alpacas 7 Camellids                           4 ml daily or as needed


4 ounces/118 ml bottle         
16 ounce/472 ml bottle           
64 ounce/1888ml bottle


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